5 ways to share your infertility story

You have the diagnosis of infertility. You know first hand what it feels like, looks like, and everything that comes with infertility. This also means you have an infertility story to share that will lead to healing for you and so many others. There is power in your message and hope for others from your hurt. You shouldn’t have to go through this alone.  Sharing is to be done in your time and only when you’re ready. Here are five ways you can share if you are ready to take that leap.

1. Text or Call Someone Close to You

Pick one person to share how your feeling with this week. We know that 61% of women going through infertility don’t even tell their family or friends. Let’s start with picking a person from that support circle. Decide what you want to share, it may be that you have infertility if you haven’t shared that yet. This person is someone who always has your back, never makes you feel doubt, and uplift you.

2. Join a community of other women going through infertility

This could be a local support group, virtual support group, Facebook group, or an anonymous Instagram account. This is a great place to post your story and find support. I host a free community on Facebook that you will not only find support in but free education information.

3. Journaling

Find time to sit in silence or with light mindfulness sounds on. And let anything that comes to you out. From here, you can save it, delete, or print it and rip it up, burn it. Nothing is off-limits. It is common to cry during this, stop and do that, sit with those feelings and let them out. Accept those feelings, they are yours do not compare or let words like “ it could be worse”, “at least it’s not” run through your head, stop, you have a diagnosis that is traumatic and your feelings are valid.

4. Social Media

Use social media channels to share. This step is if you are comfortable doing so. Never feel forced or pressured into sharing publically. It is only something you and your spouse can decide and in your time.  If you have already done this, a new idea may be to start a blog or YouTube channel to share your journey and release what your feeling for that day. Your story matters and is worthy to be heard!

5. Plan to Share Your Story During National Infertility Awareness Week

This is a great time to share for the first time or again. Resolve, the national infertility organization is accepting story submissions.Or plan to share on your own social media outlet during NIAW. You are changing the conversation around infertility every time you do this. Resolve has put together some great tips and tools to help walk you through this.

Your Story Matters

New levels of support will occur when you open up. You will find a group who has been through the same or similar situations, new friendships and support systems will come forward, and healing occurs. Your story is worthy of being heard.

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I have made a 10 step guide to help you and your partner through this process. Click on the link to print and help walk you through this process.