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1:1 Coaching Services

1:1 Coaching

It’s all too easy to become overwhelmed when walking through your health journey. I’ve walked in your shoes, talked to the specialists, and went down just about every rabbit hole on the internet -only to find more confusion with every click.

Now, I work with women and couples to prevent unnecessary heartache and overcome obstacles in order to grow their families and for those who want to feel better but can’t find a provider to provide symptoms resolution.

Through my own journey  plus over a decade of experience as a medical provider, I’ve discovered effective and science-based methods to improve your path to parenthood and your overall well-being.

Recognizing that going through a healing journey can challenge even the most optimistic individuals, I am here to provide the necessary support and direction, helping you take

*This service is for anyone worldwide!

My coaching includes a proven framework designed to support you through your fertility and health journey. Together we will:

  • Take inventory of everything you have done up to this point
  • Create an actionable plan that supports your goals while improving your fertility
  • Empower you to be your own advocate to ensure your needs are a priority
  • Improve your relationship and communication with your partner, healthcare team, and more.
  • We will take inventory of your support system and emotional health
  • Improve your daily nutrition and mindset with a personalized plan
  • Increase clarity and momentum in decision-making to overcome barriers
  • Go through your symptoms one by one to determine next steps in your plan of action.

Every 1:1 coaching session is completely tailored to your journey and overarching goals.

single session : clarity call

Only need one visit? During this visit, we will review what you have been through up to this point including your medical history, lifestyle, supplements, and more. We will discuss your current barriers and concerns along with determining the best steps moving forward.

Who Is Coaching For?

Our coaching is ideal for any woman experiencing unresolved health concerns or those facing challenges in conceiving. It’s designed for individuals and couples who have encountered numerous obstacles in their fertility or health journey and are prepared to take proactive steps towards a solution. This coaching is especially beneficial for those committed to enhancing their overall health and mindset but are struggling to find a provider to help. While there’s no simple solution to, a willingness to make daily progress, combined with our strategic guidance and support, can significantly aid in navigating this journey. Are you ready to embark on this transformative path?

I can’t begin to explain how amazing Tara is. She has figured out more for me in my health journey in a few months than previous health professionals did in a lifetime. She takes her time with every visit and I never feel rushed. She answers my questions and checks in with me frequently. Tara’s main concern is the patient and her passion and dedication shows with every interaction. The world needs more practitioners like Tara.


Current Patient

Tara is an absolute blessing! She answers all of our questions and listens to our concerns. She responds in a timely manner and walks through the journey with you. I cannot recommend Tara enough, we definitely couldn’t have done it without her!


Current Patient and IVF Warrior

Tara is the most caring, knowledgeable, and trustworthy medical professionals and individuals. She takes the time to listen, validate, and assist with any and all concerns I have brought to the table. If you’re looking for a medical professional who will go out of their way to make you feel validated while also assisting with your concerns, there is no better option than Tara!


Past Patient and New Mom

Coaching Packages

*All services are nonrefundable.

Not ready for a package?

Start with a single visit to review what you have been through up to this point including your medical history, lifestyle, supplements, and more. You will walk away with an actionable plan to moving forward with your reproductive healthcare.