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Dr. Tara Harding DNP, FNP-C renowned as a doctorate family nurse practitioner and worldwide fertility coach, Dr. Harding is an unparalleled authority in women’s health, infertility, and medical gaslighting. Her unwavering passion and expertise have propelled her to the forefront of her field.

Dr. Tara has been featured in Global publications such as Buzzfeed, Today’s Parent, Mira and you can find Tara featured on Tiktok, with over 15 million views per video discussing women’s health issues. Her Podcast Hopeful Hints has thousands of downloads and is heard all over the world.

Dr. Tara’s commitment to aiding those grappling with their healthcare and instilling self-empowerment is nothing short of inspirational. Her approach combines professional acumen with personal struggles, as she offers coaching and telemedicine services, providing personalized solutions for women’s health and fertility concerns. Tara was faced with her own hurdles in healthcare and even more unexpected hurdles in 2021, but Tara’s resilience and grit steered her through. Infused with humor, levity, and an engaging edge, her journey captivates and uplifts.

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Most Popular Keynotes

General Women’s Audiences
  • Unmasking Medical Gaslighting: Finding Your Voice in Healthcare
  • Reviving Relationships: Healing Women’s Healthcare Experiences
Healthcare Audiences

Medical Gaslighting: What is it and How to Avoid it
Gaslighting occurs when someone in a position of power invalidates your thoughts, feelings, or emotions by making you question your reasoning and mental sanity. 72 percent of millennial females felt gaslighted by a medical professional. Stepping into a doctor’s office is a vulnerable experience. 50 percent of people believe they experienced medical gaslighting at some point.
Caring about our health shouldn’t feel like a guilt trip. This presentation will provide an overview of medical gaslighting, ways to identify the gaps, prevention methods, and how to care for patients who have been impacted by this.

Measurable learning objectives:

  • Discuss what medical gaslighting is, statistics, and reasons for occurrences
  • Discuss what it feels like to be medically gaslit from a patient’s perspective.
  • Identify gaps in healthcare that lead to this occurring
  • Discuss tools and resources to implement in order to prevent medical gaslighting and improve patient outcomes

Other Popular Healthcare Topics with Dr. Tara

CEU outlines availble

  • Infertility 101
  • Navigating the Emotional Rollercoaster of Endometriosis: You See These Patients Daily
  • Endometriosis: Unraveling the Mysteries and Improving Care
  • PCOS: Breaking Down Barriers to Care
  • Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN): Exploring its Emerging Role in Healthcare


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