The first fertility translator, with lab-quality readings that accurately decode your hormones and give you personalized steps to get pregnant.


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Advanced fertility and ovulation tracking helps to increase your chances of conception by accessing your daily “Fertility Score” which gives you your chances of conceiving on any given day based on your actual Estrogen, LH, and progesterone levels.

Home Sperm test

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Evvy Vaginal 

Health Test

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Have discomfort “down there” or are curious about your vaginal health? This at-home vaginal microbiome test is the most comprehensive available and backed by leading OB/Gyns.


Jovi period pain patch. Conquer cramps for less than 50 cents per day. Water-resistant, no medication, no wires, and no electricity needed.


The process of getting pregnant and have a healthy baby can be overwhelming. I’ve walked in your shoes, talked to the specialists, read the research, and helped hundreds of women to overcome obstacles in order to grow their families.

Through my own journey with infertility plus a decade of nursing experience, I’ve discovered effective and science-based supplements that will boost your overall well-being improve your path to parenthood.

These brands and items are tried and true staples from Dr. Brandner that you can add to your fertility toolbox.

Good quality supplements for women and men

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Enhance focus, reduce stress, and support your overall mental health with Magic Mind. One shot delivers a potent blend of 12 brain-boosting ingredients 

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Queen of the Thrones® is the
#1 practitioner-recommended original heatless, less-mess and reusable Castor Oil Pack Kit designed by a naturopathic doctor to support the relaxed, parasympathetic state.

Can’t swallow pills? No problem! Smoo has powder products to help balance your hormones!

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MaryRuth’s liquid multivitamins are easy to take and packed with essential nutrients.

Freshly Moms Fertility Supplement
formulations to help you improve your chances of conception and support a healthy pregnancy.

myo inositol

Ovofolic is specially formulated for the reproductive health of women with PCOS.

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My Favorite Protein Powder

Try About Time

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About Time is simply the cleanest protein product on the market today: No artificial flavors and no artificial sweeteners.

Zita West Packs

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Zita West has utilized the latest research to put together supplement packages for all stages and needs.


Shop my pre-approved Amazon items that are sure to help you through your infertility journey.

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Whether you want to increase your fertility naturally, heal from miscarriage, improve your relationship, prepare for IVF, sleep better, create healthier habits while TTC or anything in between THE PATHWAY offers you rapid results.

Did you know that six sessions of hypnotherapy showed 93 percent receiver versus psychotherapy, which was 38 percent?